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deelnemende kunstenaars
Niet Kunst // N’est Pas l’Art // It Isn’t Art

Wat is het?

The Catalogue contains the first 48 images found on the internet after typing the phrases “niet kunst”, “n’est pas l’art” and “it isn’t art” into Google Image Search. The collection mirrors each blogger’s opinions on what he/she believes is not art, and therefore for them and perhaps only them, it is or becomes non-art.


Likewise, what defines ‘art’ must always be individual, but as with non-art the answer is always changing in the course of time and from one person to the next. How many people must vocalise their opinion before a works’ status is changed from non-art to art, or vice versa, in the public eye? The Catalogue also sits within the question of whether a catalogue, artist book or sketchbook is art at all, since much of the time they are in the archives of museums and galleries instead of being exhibited.